Nearly 91% support for our proposal!

Thank you for your participation

Brokers and brokerage firm owners, we thank you for adding your voices and taking part in the consultation held by the Ministère des Finances du Québec. Of the 960 submissions the finance ministry received, 875 supported a stronger brokerage. This amounts to nearly 91% support in these consultations for our proposal, something we’re very proud of! We also note the commitment of 98 firms that supported the cause by putting their logos on the website.

It’s clear now that our position has rallied by far the greatest number of brokerage firms and a volume of premiums that far exceeds that of the opponents. We applaud your forward-looking vision as entrepreneurs who were forthright in showing your desire to give brokerage the means to grow and prosper in every region of Québec.

Direct insurers are mobilizing against stronger brokerage

It’s hardly a surprise that various insurance companies, among them direct insurers such as Desjardins, La Capitale and Industrial Alliance, as well as their association, the Corporation des assureurs directs de dommages du Québec (CADD), have come out against our proposal. Direct insurers have used their weight to take significant market share from brokers. They can thereforebe expected to try to hold onto the advantage the law confers on them.Among the founding members of the Alliance, this reaction from the direct insurers confirms that our campaign is working and that our challenge is a noble one. Ensuring the growth of our SMEs in an unrestricted environment will enable us to regain market share.

We need to keep making ourselves heard

With the consultation now over, it’s important to keep speaking with a strong voice and to stay engaged to ensure the sustainability and growth of our businesses and SMEs. Remember that our goal, above all, is to strengthen the brokerage sector by giving entrepreneurs the choice of business model that suits them best.

We remind you that the for stronger brokerage website remains online and that it offers an array of useful information on the proposal. Although the consultation has ended, it’s still possible to support us by displaying your logo on the platform, thereby strengthening our position and our impact on the government’s decision.

Keep an eye on what’s coming

The next few months will be crucial to the development of this issue, and we’re counting on your support in a series of steps that are important to the future of our industry.

We urge you to stay tuned. We’ll be contacting you to keep you updated on how things are evolving in the coming weeks and months.

– The founders of the Alliance pour un courtage plus fort

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