We must continue speaking with one strong voice

The importance of making yourself heard

The level of support for our position in the consultations held by the Ministère des Finances du Québec speaks eloquently to the power of mobilization and concerted action. But make no mistake: the battle is far from won.

At this stage, nothing guarantees that the government will submit a bill or that it will contain the reforms we want so much to see adopted.

Indeed, we know perfectly well that opponents of strong brokerage are busy behind the scenes promoting the status quo. We cannot let them speak on behalf of our industry and our businesses. We need to continue making ourselves heard with the same strong voice.

Letter-writing campaign

We are urging you now to visit courtageplusfort.ca and send a letter to the minister representing your region.

Our movement is rallying brokers and firms from all over Québec. This gives us the potential to show clearly to a large number of influential politicians that changes are needed to maintain high-quality jobs in the brokerage field.

It is important to act now for changes to be introduced this fall and adopted quickly.

– The founders of the Alliance pour un courtage plus fort